Sydney-based Select Textiles, supplier of fabrics and textile solutions to the global print, exhibition, sign and display markets, is taking its alliance with Premier Digital Textiles (PDT), supplier of coated fabrics for digital textile printing, to ‘another level’.  

Select Textiles has been distributing UK-based PDT range of fabrics across Australia and New Zealand for two years. Now, a key selection of PDT range has been made available in Australia by stock service from Select Textiles. This has strengthened its global partnership, said PDT.

Select Textiles director Gary Di-Losa said the range from PDT becoming available in Australia, has provided a major boost to an emerging industry, ensuring that quality, pre-treated solutions are available locally. This reduces the need for air freight expenses, volume commitments and long lead times which link with sourcing from overseas.

The company will continue to expand its stock-service in line with the growth of the industry and our customers.

Mitesh Patel, PDT sales and development manager, said, ‘Like Select, we have a passion for innovation, research and development so we can remain at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends. This partnership has sustainability at its heart as environmental stewardship is a commitment we share and take very seriously.’

Mr Di-Losa explained that Select is committed to sustainability across its operations, with an importance of awareness of its impact on the environment a cornerstone to sustainability and as such is a mindset, one which is driven through its supply chain.  

He added, ‘PDT are at the forefront of innovation and have been leaders in the growth of the pigment ink sector.

‘Their pretreatment chemistry is without peer and the extensive and diverse nature of their product offering, made them the logical partner to work alongside. A sourcing and supply mindset that mirrors ours and a focus on bringing greater levels of environmental awareness to our respective industries, were the motivating factors behind the expansion of our partnership.

‘And the ability to share innovation and market trends will continue to see the two entities strengthen their respective standings in the market.’