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Kornit Digital has outlined a range of sustainability and environmental commitments in its first ever Impact Report. The Israeli company, which was founded in 2002 and now employs more than 500 people, hopes such reports will become an annual tradition. 

It called the document ‘an opportunity to celebrate the alignment of our business with our ESG goal of taking action to boldly transform the world of fashion and the textile industry via sustainable on-demand manufacturing.’

Kornit added that the report also provided a chance to establish its long-term goals and to set concrete KPIs when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility.

Key points outlined included Kornit’s pledge to produce 2.5 billion pieces of apparel items in ‘a responsible manner.’ This manner would involve zero overproduction, the elimination of waste water and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

When it comes to specifics, Kornit says that zero overproduction will help eliminate the estimated 1.1 billion apparel items overproduced using traditional production methods, based on an industry average of 30% overproduction.  In terms of savings this would equate to a piece of apparel for every person living in Europe and North America. 

As for waste water Kornit says it will support saving an estimated 4.3 trillion litres (1.1 trillion gallons) of water that is typically wasted using traditional printing methods.

In regards reduced CO2 emissions, by consuming less energy and generating less waste, Kornit believes it can contribute to preventing an estimated 17.2 billion kilograms (37.9 billion pounds) of greenhouse gas emissions that traditional printing methods would otherwise generate.

In a statement published at the beginning of the report, CEO Ronen Samuel commented, ‘Our vision is to boldly transform the world of fashion and textiles for a better, more sustainable planet. As pioneers of digital innovation in the fashion industry, our solutions, service and actions create a ripple effect of change, one that we believe enables our customers, their customers, our partners and communities to maximize their positive impact on the environment.

‘Propelled by a passion for innovation, we constantly seek to develop and improve our technology, while decreasing it’s ecological footprint at a speed that is outpacing the industry worldwide.

‘We’ve seen growth and success in our business, and with that success and commercial leadership comes great responsibility. From the technologies and consumables we develop, to the standards and practices we mandate throughout our organization, Kornit is committed to being a leader in fostering a textile industry—and a global community—that is ethical and responsible for a more sustainable future.’