Kornit Digital used TecStyle Visions 2023 to unveil two solutions designed to streamline high volume garment digital printing and processing: SmartCuring, an ‘intelligent’ adaptive solution for printed garment curing, and Rapid SizeShifter, which eliminates the need for DtG pallet changes between applications.

The new Smart Curing solutions include Orion for mid-level production and Titan for higher-capacity volumes. Both are optimised for compatibility with Kornit’s Atlas Max systems and are based on field-proven solutions that came from Kornit’s early 2022 acquisition of German textile curing specialist Tesoma. Said to be highly energy-efficient, these curing systems synchronise production and finishing for an end-to-end process that reduces both energy consumption and total cost of ownership.

Kornit’s Rapid SizeShifter for Atlas Max is an adjustable pallet that quickly adapts to disparate application requirements – from T-shirts with or without neck tags and hoodies, to children’s apparel – so reducing the downtime associated with the pallet changes otherwise needed for printing different products and thus streamlining production.

‘These new solutions come at a critical time for the EMEA market and are designed to specifically address emerging customer requirements across the region – streamlining production processes, improving time-to-market, and offering more diverse applications while answering environmental imperatives,’ said Chris Govier, president EMEA at Kornit Digital.

‘With Smart Curing, we’re rounding out our end-to-end solutions, while enabling customers to globally mitigate energy waste and reduce operating costs. Rapid SizeShifter further advances ease-of-use and productivity for Atlas Max users by enabling print size changeover in seconds while increasing application versatility. We’re very excited to showcase these new automation and connectivity benefits based on accelerated customer demand across the region – enabling them to experience how end-to-end, intelligent digital production can transform and grow their business.’