CMYUK has announced it is making consignment stock holding a standard offering to all its UK customers.

Palletised consignment shipments are available to those organisations that have large internal repositories, while those lacking space will be given a free bespoke shelf racked container for the external storage of roll materials. These are condensation-proof, secure, and can hold material rolls up to 5m wide.

The company has long been supplying roll material consignment stocks to its largest customers. Now, it has decided to offer this service to its wider client base recognising that they have the same supply chain issues and on-demand requirements as their larger counterparts.

Robin East, group commercial director at CMYUK said, “There are many advantages to consignment stock procurement and customers have told us that the main reason they haven’t purchased roll materials in this way previously due to a lack of space. However, everyone tends to have available back yard space.’

With consignment purchases there are no upfront costs, and only used stock is invoiced at the end of each month. This can assist with cash flow as CMYUK customers’ can invoice their clients for work produced before paying for the materials themselves.

Bulk consignment stock also safeguards against depleted inventories. Stock levels can be replenished automatically or topped up at any time. This ensures a higher degree of flexibility, enabling businesses to cope with non-forecasted peak business periods. The company argues road transportation is one of the main sources of air pollution with diesel vehicles particularly to blame. Consignment stock means significantly fewer customer truck deliveries, reducing costs, and lessening customers’ carbon footprint.