In a brand new report, Printful has outlined the key sustainability and responsibility milestones it reached in 2021.  

This included doubling the number of eco-friendly products launched per year. Over the last 12 months Printful added 20 new eco-friendly products to its collection, bringing the total to 35 overall. The Latvian firm, which is the first ‘Unicorn Company’ to emerge from the Baltic nation, has also added a source tab to every product in its catalogue. These tabs provide more background on product sourcing and the company believes that this increased transparency will help customers make informed decisions based on their own values.

Printful has also released its first ‘Printful Original product’ (the Premium Eco Hoodie), established a company code of conduct and is also applying its expertise to developing products specifically made for print-on-demand and selecting materials to achieve more flexibility in size, design, and colour.

Appropriately the company has also added creative improvements to all-over print production. All-over print products are sewn after being printed and cut from a roll of fabric, and this process results in fabric scraps that need to be thrown out. To reduce fabric waste, Printful has optimised print layouts and introduced the All-Over Print Scrunchie and All-Over Print Headband. These new items fill gaps in the fabric that would have otherwise become waste scraps.

The Latvian firm says it is committed ‘to continuously improving its services and building a more responsible and transparent print-on-demand company.’ Other steps it has taken toward these goals include introducing post-consumer recycled plastic packaging and increasing the support it offers to local communities.