Brodelec, a French PSP based in the city of Orleans, has complemented its existing Kornit Avalanche and Kornit Presto S systems with Kornit Atlas Max technology. The company, which produces personalised textiles, luggage and promotional pieces, has relied on Kornit technology for more than 15 years.

The range of Kornit equipment at Brodelec’s disposal, which includes direct-to-garment and direct-to-fabric systems is credited by  the company with permitting it to provide single-step, eco-friendly, just-in-time production, especially for small brands and YouTube users ordering through its on-demand web platform.

Sales manager Hugo Willems commented on his company’s purchase, ‘In Kornit, we have found a trustworthy partner that will be able to support us in the future. Kornit’s printers are the only printers able to pretreat and print at the same time. By offering the possibility to print lower volumes, they’ve enabled us to approach new customers and explore other markets such as associations and smaller businesses. We can produce on demand, so it is a much more sustainable way to print than screen printing.’

Kornit’s EMEA president Chris Govier added, ‘Kornit is proud to have served Brodelec’s digital print needs for more than fifteen years now, as they’ve relied on both direct-to-garment and roll-to-roll print capabilities to offer their customers consistent quality on demand. They’ve long served a number of tourism clients, and when Covid struck and the tourism business disappeared overnight, we worked with them to build a fast and reliable solution for protective masks. We have a true partnership with Brodelec, and it’s one that continues to generate business value and opportunity in a constantly evolving, dynamic marketplace.’

Brodelec makes use of Kornit’s Oeko-Passport and GOTS-certified inks, with these systems producing consistent, high-quality impressions within minutes, giving Brodelec the flexibility to produce a variety of applications, in multiple materials, with a single ink set.