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Innotech Digital, the wide-format media supplier based just outside Leicester, has added two new options to its Vertex Marine range of PVC-free fabric display products made from fully recycled PET yarns.

The company, which sells itself as the first to launch fully recycled PVC-free materials onto the market, says that addition of the new products means that it can now offer fabrics made from recycled PET yarns for ‘the majority of large format printing applications.’

Marketing manager Kieran Dallow commented, ‘Using PVC-free products made from recycled materials has become an essential requirement for many more businesses and applications. Over five years ago Innotech saw the signs that PVC Free medias would eventually take over PVC materials and were the first to launch a comprehensive PVC-free media range.

‘Two years ago, we also saw the increasing demand for materials made of recycled yarns, and were the first to launch a range made from recycled PET. We are continuing this innovation with an exciting new range of products that makes us the obvious choice for anyone looking for the best possible PVC-free materials for their graphic display projects.’

The new products are part of the Vertex Marine range of 100% polyester fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. 

The latest products to be added are the Vertex Glacier R-PET Backlit Display Textile and the Vertex Texture R-PET PVC-Free Coated Polyester Grey Back. The former is a is a 180g/m2 material designed for backlit tension fabric displays, whilst the latter is is a 240g/m2 ideal for one-piece wall coverings, hanging displays, exhibitions and canvas frames. Both are fire rated for B1.

Mr Dallow added. ‘We believe Vertex Marine is one of the most eco-friendly print materials the wide and grand format print trade has ever seen. These products are ideal for large tension displays, promotional textiles, such as table cloths and flags, exhibition and stage backdrops and a range of frontlit applications.’

‘All of our Vertex Marine products are made using recycled plastics. It takes approximately 10 plastic bottles to produce one square metre of fabric. With width availability up to 3.2m, that’s an awful lot of plastic being recycled thanks to Innotech.’