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Fogra’s Colour Management Symposium (CMS), originally scheduled for March 2022, has been postponed by four months as a result of the lingering effects of the pandemic. 

After undergoing a detailed risk assessment, Fogra decided to reschedule the symposium for 6 -7 July 2022. The event will still take place in Munich, the eighth time it has taken place in the Bavarian capital, with participation via live stream also a possibility. 

‘The decision was made in close dialogue with our sponsors, exhibitors and speakers,’ explained Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra’s head of prepress technology and the organiser of the CMS. ‘The CMS attracts numerous participants from Europe, America and Asia. Our ambition is to host a successful CMS, which is all about international exchange of experience and networking. The unclear Covid-19 developments in various countries continue to restrict travelling. The rules and regulations around the pandemic are highly dynamic and locally regulated, making it even more difficult to organise such an event. For July, we expect the infection situation to ease to a stable low level, as it has in previous years. Fogra is now doing its utmost to make the symposium in summer 2022 the event we all want it to be.’

The focus of CMS2022 will be on the successful communication and reproduction of colour in a modern workflow and on the future prospects of the industry, especially in textile printing. There will also be an array of expert speakers and numerous products and innovations to be seen at the exhibition.