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Kornit Digital’s Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event is set to kick off tomorrow and continue until the end of the week.

The company says that the event, as the name suggests it will take place in Los Angeles, California, will showcase its ‘visionary alternative model for creating environmentally-responsible fashion that unleashes endless creativity, driven by real-time demand, eliminating waste while transcending supply chain challenges.’

The event will include a fashion runway presentation incorporating work from 22 fashion designers across 17 individual shows. Each designer will debut new collections produced with end-to-end digital means, whilst keeping sustainability front and centre.

Visitors will also be able to learn more about ‘numerous Kornit partners and customers who are streamlining the end-to-end production experience for localised production on demand, rendering traditional, forecast-based production models obsolete.’

‘We’re writing the operating system for sustainable fashion on demand, and those who join us in L.A. will witness firsthand that environmentally and socially responsible production is here, offering superior quality, profitability due to a waste-free approach, and more creative freedom than ever,’ explained chief marketing officer Omer Kulka. ‘They’ll see how Kornit’s customers succeed and grow by putting these digital production strategies into practice, eliminating supply chain vulnerability and inventory limitations to provide a frictionless experience that’s more efficient, more responsive to a dynamic marketplace, better suited to today’s web-driven consumer, and more adaptable to meet unforeseen challenges. Sustainable, unbridled inspiration is ready to wear—not fast fashion, but extraordinary fashion, quickly.’

Other things that attendees will be able to explore will include strategies for shortening production cycles, taking concepts from creative inspiration to repeatable finished pieces in mere hours and tips for effective e-commerce. They will also have the opportunity to visit to a newly-formed digital urban factory which Kornit says is ‘giving new life’ to a former analogue factory whilst also realising its (Kornit’s) vision of nearshoring by connecting global brands with local fulfillers.