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Portuguese digital textile printer manufacturer Mtex NS has introduced an ‘all-in-one’ direct-to-film (DtF) printer that combines print, inline adhesive powder application and fixing to produce films ready for application to a wide range of textile and similar materials.

The Mtex DTF 30 prints water-based CMYK plus white inks at resolutions up to 2880dpi via Epson printheads, using separate heads for the process colours and white, which the company says improves colour vibrancy as the CMYK inks can dry before the white is added, compared to the all five colours in one printhead approach. The machine prints 30cm width rolls a rate of up to 3.5sqm/hr, with its output requiring no post-treatment and so immediately ready for thermal transfer to the final substrate, which may be pretty much any type of fabric, including leather, shoe canvas and a variety of wholly or partly-synthetic materials and irrespective of whether its colour is light or dark. The finished print is described as having a ‘comfy touch’ and to be durable for many washes.

Mtex NS CEO Elói Ferreira says the DTF 30 brings in-house capabilities to small and medium-sized users, ‘at controlled costs, which allows revolutionising the way many companies have worked until now. Screen printers, copy centres, companies producing clothes, gifts, footwear, decoration, etc., can now provide a complete response to the increasingly informed and demanding end-customer.’

Mr Ferreira added, ‘This is a solution designed from scratch to create an all-in-one Direct-to-Film equipment, which provides a very high-quality response to the long-felt needs of this market. The Mtex DTF will bring independence to many small companies that need solutions for small print runs that depend on the availability of third parties to fulfil their orders. That’s over. These same companies can now autonomously provide a timely response to their customers, fearlessly taking small and large orders.’

The DTF 30 is available immediately, priced from €9780, and Mtex has confirmed that it is working with manufacturing partners to develop two further models aimed at different market segments.