Online furniture brand Cozmo has introduced a new print collection in conjunction with design agency Raw-Edges and Kornit Digital, presenting a range of soft home decor items made with digitally-printed textiles.

To be shown at the Cozmo showroom in Coal Drops Yard, London, from 13 – 17 March 2024, the Home Sweet Home collection designed by Raw-Edges references traditional embroidery themes and techniques in cushions, featuring detailed images of red-roofed houses and mountains, but with a spin achieved through Kornit’s digital printing technology. Layered patterns and colourful shapes have been merged to evoke a feeling of material richness and warmth; the ‘Field’ patterns, which feature a herringbone arrangement of colourful leaves, cover larger areas including Cozmo’s interchangeable sofa covers, floor cushions and curtains.

The fabrics were printed with Kornit’s Presto Max direct-to-fabric technology, which allows high quality and a wide colour gamut, including neon colours and white on coloured materials, all at high definition. Kornit says its technology can offers the softest hand-feel and increased durability. While the digital printing means no wasted stock or storage requirement, Kornit also notes that its one-step printing also does away with the need for pre- or post-treatment of the fabrics, so reducing water and energy consumption in the fabric printing process.

Jacob Peres, co-founder of Cozmo, said, ‘We’re thrilled to unveil our collaboration with Raw-Edges and Kornit Digital, showcasing a collection that embodies Cozmo’s commitment to blending innovative design with sustainable practices. This partnership represents a fusion of creativity and technology, offering customers the opportunity to bring vibrant, digitally printed textiles into their homes while minimising environmental impact.’

Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer, Co-Founders of Raw Edges, explained their interest in the portrayal of outdoor landscapes within interior decor, saying, ‘Our new collection Home Sweet Home for Cozmo is our new interpretation and we are delighted to be working with them and Kornit Digital to bring these colourful patterns to life.’

Scott Walton, head of global business development brands at Kornit Digital, added, ‘We’re extremely pleased to be collaborating with Cozmo and Raw Edges to highlight the exciting opportunities unlocked with digital textile production. Home Sweet Home is a brilliant collection that pushes the limits of creativity in home décor, while staying true to our sustainability commitment. ‘