Resolute has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with US-based Image Armor to bring the latter’s direct-to-film (DtF) inks to the UK and EU.

The Image Armor DtF inks are manufactured in North America and contains no ethylene glycol, offering a more environmentally-friendly solution without compromising on quality, according to Resolute.

Key attributes of the inks are claimed to include vibrancy ‘beyond measure’, enabling prints that ‘pop’ with rich saturated colours. The white ink is also said to offer ‘remarkable’ opacity, ensuring that designs have impact on any substrate.

The inks feature a built-in anti-clogging technology that should ensure a smoother printing process and reduce the frequency of head-cleaning operations. Resolute has added the Armor range to its roster of preferred DtF inks, based on both quality and reliability.

Resolute is offering a generic ICC profile for both hot- and cold-peel films with purchases of Image Armor DtF inks, which should help users to seamlessly integrate the new inks into existing workflows.

Colin Marsh, managing director of Resolute, expressed excitement about the partnership: ‘Our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the printing industry has led us to partner with Image Armor. Their DtF inks align perfectly with our mission to offer our customers the best, ensuring their prints are not only vibrant but also environmentally conscious.’