Roland DG has launched the VersaStudio BY-20, a dedicated entry-level direct-to-film (DtF) printer that uses water-based inks to print on film for transfer of designs to a wide range of garment and fabric types.

Following on just under a year after the introduction of its first DtF printer, the BN-20D, which was a derivative of an existing benchtop print-and-cut device, the new unit has a substantially chunkier build and is assumed to provide higher performance, though Roland has not yet revealed its specifications.

Roland says the new DtF printer is suitable for decorating T-shirts, sportswear, and ‘more’. Intricate designs may be transferred via separate adhesive powder/shaker unit and heat press onto various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, denim, nylon and rayon, suiting a wide range of garment types. Pricing is not given but the machine is aimed at first-time users.

The BY-20 uses the same printhead as Roland DG’s high-end inkjet models and offers multiple print modes suitable for ‘diverse’ applications. Roland highlights the user-friendly design of the machine, emphasising its ease of installation and operation. A minimalist interface includes only a power button on the printer, with  functions controlled through included utility software. The printer is supplied with FlexiDesigner VersaStudio Edition, supporting design creation and output for novices.

Users will also have access to Roland DG Connect, a cloud-based service that provides proactive error support and real-time visualisation of printer status.

Tony Miller, president of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division, commented, ‘As we expand the VersaStudio lineup, embodying the ethos of ‘Get Started,’ we believe these new additions [the other is a desktop direct-to-object UV printer] will significantly broaden creative and business horizons for our customers across various domains, including original goods manufacturing, in-store decoration services, and STEM education.’