InkTec is using its UV DtF printing technology to provide boat branding for the ‘world’s toughest row’ from the Canary island of La Gomera to Antigua in the Caribbean.

The 3000 nautical mile race is expected to take between 40 and 50 days, leaving the Canaries mid-December. It is estimated the three-woman crew will complete an average of 1.5 million strokes, in three-hour stints, burn over 5000 calories and consume at least five litres of water each a day, while contending with sores, blisters, sleep deprivation, storms and 40ft waves.

The boat – which arguably will have an easier time of it – will be adorned with sponsor branding produced using UV DtF printing. This  uses a combination of UV-curable ink and special film to create designs that can be added to a variety of substrates including plastics, metal and board. It allows designs to be transferred easily onto hard, smooth objects and even onto irregular shapes. In this case the graphics showcase the myriad of sponsors involved in supporting the team, either as a product sponsor or as a ‘Hatch of the Day’ graphic which will feature around the entrance into the cramped crew accommodation. 

Grace Gilbert, one of the Vibe the Wave Team, said, ‘We know this is going to be the ultimate test of physical and mental strength. None of us have a rowing background and so this is going to be about sheer determination and resilience. We are also going to be using this as an opportunity to inspire women and girls to ‘say yes’ to things they might otherwise not put themselves forwards for, while fundraising for charities.’

Joey Kim, managing director of InkTec Europe, commented, ‘This is an incredible challenge the Vibe the Wave Team are taking on and we are delighted to have the opportunity to support them by providing them with the boat branding created using our UV DtF technology. We will certainly be watching and tracking the team as they make their way across the Atlantic and wish them the very best for the adventure ahead.’