Xante has confirmed that its F-24 direct-to-film printer will begin shipping in January 2024 at an MSRP of US $26,995 for the complete system.

The F-24 DTF made its debut at Printing United in October 2023 and according to Xante drew considerable interest from show attendees. The machine prints 24in film (approximately 61cm) to allow a variety of detailed designs to be ganged up for maximum efficiency and lowest cost per print.

Features of the F-24 include CMYK + white inks, a space-saving design that allows it to fit through a standard-sized door, simplifying installation and making positioning within the print shop easier, the low consumable and running costs of DtF printing, plus the ability for fast turnaround in the production of vibrant non-cracking garment decoration transfers that are washer/dryer durable.

The system, which includes the inline powder / over unit will initially be available only in the USA.