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EFI has introduced version 6.7 of Fiery Command WorkStation, a free software update for all Fiery-driven printers that is intended to help their users better manage growing numbers of short-run jobs.

The update, which applies to all Fiery-driven devices, from third-party cut-sheet toner and inkjet presses to EFI’s own wide-format line, is said to improve automation and job management and includes the ability to implement a ‘Fiery Driven printroom’, in which all Fiery servers, local or remote, can be controlled from a single interface, increasing operational efficiency.

Automated job tagging using print pre-sets helps users to classify, find and manage jobs more quickly, while a new search tool allows jobs to be searched across all connected Fiery DFEs. Both of these should be helpful when managing large volumes of jobs in multiple-printer or multi-site print businesses.

The Fiery Image Viewer component has gained new controls for reordering, duplicating or deleting pages without needing to leave the tool to make simple page-level job edits. Hot Folders can automate server pre-sets and imposition templates and job submission tasks can be streamlined with Fiery FreeForm Create, which can be used by designers as well as Command WorkStation users.

‘Getting many short-run, high-quality jobs done as fast as possible is in the Fiery DNA, and we have always been focused on the challenges of high-volume, short-run work,’ said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. ‘Our customers choose Fiery because it excels in this area, and this newest Command WorkStation release gives customers even more of what they want.’