Croatian printer manufacturer Azonprinter has introduced a 60cm direct-to-film (DtF) printer that adds four ‘neon’ colours to the CMYK plus white mix, for printing extended gamut images and bold solid colours, all in a ‘maintenance-free’ design.

Zagreb-based Azon, which traces its roots back to the Mros company established in 1993, offers a range of UV printers in both desktop and industrial configurations, which are complemented now by DtF models, also in desktop (A3) and 24-in (60cm) industrial forms. The desktop Pronto line offers standard CMYK plus white inks, or is available in a Neon configuration, in which the yellow and magenta inks are replaced by their neon counterparts, while the Primo floor-standing can combine all of these, plus neon orange and neon green, in the Primo + Neon X version. All the inks are Oeko-Tex certified.

To minimise maintenance, the Primo + Neon X printer features built-in ink tank mixing and recirculation systems, and automatic nozzle checking with programmable timing, complemented by automatic system maintenance. The printer’s ink tanks hold 850ml and the ink containers are secured with chips. Printing speed is up to 2.61sqm/hr, with ‘high production’ mode at 1.94sqm/hr and best quality at 1.03sqm/hr. Epson printheads are used, offering resolutions form 1440 x 720 up to 2880 x 1440dpi.

The system is equipped with an industrial signal light for visible status of the DtF system and is controlled via a touch-sensitive colour LCD screen. The machines are powered by Fiery Rips for speed and accurate colour, using ICC profiles and Pantone matching.

The Azonprinter DtF range is available in the UK through Atlantic Tech Services.