Mimaki Europe has developed a new direct-to-film (DtF) printer, which triples the print speed of its previous model.

Mimaki’s intention when entering the DtF market earlier this year, was to offer customers a stable, efficient platform that incorporates Mimaki’s ‘renowned’ quality standards. In line with the original machine, the new TxF300-75 meets these objectives, it is claimed, whilst catering to a diverse set of printing demands, including larger companies requiring higher volumes of high-quality output. As such, TxF300-75 has been designed to incorporate the stability and functionality of Mimaki’s first DtF printer, TxF150-75, while delivering new levels of productivity with print speeds that are three times higher.

In line with Mimaki’s sustainability goals, TxF300-75 utilises Mimaki’s PHT50 pigment inks that are Eco-Passport certified, so validating their lower environmental impact and meeting the requirements for OEKO-Tex certification.

Mimaki DtF printers feature a built-in ink circulation system that prevents white ink clogging and a degassed ink pack to reduce the risk of poor ink jetting. TxF printers also include core Mimaki features, including NCU (nozzle check unit) and NRS (nozzle recovery system) for stable, uninterrupted print production. The DtF process also enables customers to print on a wider range of fabric such as cotton, mixed fabric, polyester and dark coloured fabrics.

Arjen Evertse, general sales manager at Mimaki Europe, said, ‘We believe in giving customers choice and anticipating their needs, which is why we are expanding our DTF printer line-up hot on the heels of the inaugural system.

‘TxF300-75 has been designed to offer even greater productivity. The innovative 80cm width introduced with our first DtF printer remains a feature of this new system, enabling customers to print more efficiently.’