Launching at ITMA, DuPont has added the Artistri P1600 range of inks for direct-to-film applications, aiming to bring a higher degree of quality and consistency into the fast-growing sector.

The company says the P1600 inks are ideal for DtF printers looking for a professionally printed product with consistent, vibrant colours on a variety of fabrics. The P1600 DtF ink set allows for colour profiling with reduced ink volumes, delivering both efficiency and productivity as equipment runs ‘cleaner for longer’. The versatility of the inks and DtF process enables a range of different applications, from cotton, to blends and especially polyester, giving printers access to a high-quality ink product for printing on a choice of clothing materials.

EMEA regional business leader Gary Weyman told Digital Textile Printer that the rise of DtF ‘had caught everyone out’, leaving equipment vendors scrambling to catch up and to seek ways of differentiating themselves. Describing DuPont’s agility in developing the new inks as ‘amazing’, Mr Weyman suggested that the direction of development in DtF is towards it becoming a more industrial process. ‘Consistency is becoming a key requirement, so reliable inks are needed to provide consistency across multiple sites or countries,’ he noted.

Tucker Norton, General Manager for DuPont Artistri Digital Inks, said, ‘With Artistri P1600 DtF inks, garment decorators will not only benefit from brightly printed fabrics, but these water-based inks can help contribute to their sustainability initiatives. P1600 inks were formulated using safer-by-design principles to assess and evaluate any potential environmental risks, are classified as non-hazardous under GHS and are HAPS (hazardous air pollutants)-free. All this is possible through DuPont’s extensive ink formulation know-how, in combination with our best-in-class product stewardship and manufacturing to offer a compatible and reliable product that takes the quality of DTF printing to the next level.’


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