Sappi will be showcasing a selection of its speciality papers at Fespa 2023, including dye sublimation transfer varieties.

Sappi offers a range of sublimation papers for transfer printing, designed for ‘fast and uniform ink transfer with minimal ink consumption’. The company says it maintains the quality of its sublimation papers by regularly investing in new technologies. At the end of April, a new warehouse opened at the Carmignano mill in Italy. In the coming months, Sappi is due to further invest in two new converting machines with widths of 1.9m and 3.2m in a fully automated packaging line. All the investments will support Sappi’s vision of having a complete in-house option for the sublimation industry, having a positive impact on CO2 emissions, satisfy ing increased customer demand, and improving lead times.

Sappi will also feature its portfolio of coated and uncoated liner papers for lamination onto corrugated and solid boards for use in packaging or PoS displays. A new addition to the portfolio will be show, Fusion Embossed, an embossed version of the existing Fusion Topliner and Fusion Nature Plus. All of them are said to offer ‘exceptional’ brightness, a high degree of whiteness, a luxurious glossy surface and reliable dimensional stability.

A third product group will be Sappi’s silicone base papers, or release liners, used as backing paper for self-adhesive applications such as indoor and outdoor advertising, car wrapping and office materials as well as architectural and building signs. Its CCK and Glassine papers will be highlighted.