Portable trade displays solutions provider Very Displays has purchased its first Agfa printer, an Avinci CX3200 dye sublimation model that was installed at its Market Harborough production facility in February 2023 to meet growing demand.

Richard Haslett, print manager at Very Displays, said, ‘We were very diligent in our research for a new dye-sub machine and Agfa had lots to offer, but what stood out most was their overall openness and honesty when providing information throughout all stages of the selling process. It was refreshing and it convinced us to make the switch. We are very happy with our decision.’

Very Displays supply portable display solution hardware and graphics to the UK trade market. It started in 2017 as an importer and supplier of display and event hardware, but quickly realised the opportunity to supply graphics to its trade customers as well, offering them full display solutions. The company now has a UV printer and two 3.2m dye-sub printers to meet customer demand. Dye sublimation work has always been a key part of the print operation and this is increasing,  with the growing trend for soft signage, becoming a core area of Very Displays’ expertise.

‘Buying a new dye sublimation printer was the biggest single investment I had made since I joined the business four years ago, so our diligence during the buying process was robust,’ commented managing director Simon Boswell. ‘We looked at numerous machines, we had lots of print tests carried out to assess quality and we visited other Agfa printers to listen to their views on service and reliability. We wanted to step back and look not only at the machine but the service agreement, ink charges, running costs, the whole package. We also took advantage of the Agfa finance package, which suited us perfectly.

‘The process took us most of the autumn period, with competitor counter-offers coming through which all needed to be assessed. But in the end Agfa won the business because we were happy with the specification of the machine, the relationship with our sales contact Wesley Small and the honesty and openness from everyone we spoke to. It was ordered mid-December, installed in February with impressive follow up training and we have been up and running for over a month.’