TheMagicTouch has premiered its latest direct-to-film offering, the DTFMagic Pro60, which offers a number of productivity features.

The 60cm width printer uses dual Epson printheads and is driven by the DTFMagic Rip by CadLink. It includes an automatic ink mixing function to ensure circulation of the white ink, resulting in minimal maintenance or production issues. This is complemented by a ‘wet cap’ system, which allows the printer to be switched off for periods of up to one month without the need to flush out the white ink.

The finished transfers are said to offer outstanding durability, are stretchable and have ‘incredible feel and vibrant colours’, according to TheMagicTouch managing director Jim Nicol, who also¬† commented, ‘The DtF transfer process is simply the best new transfer solution for many, many years. With our 30 years of experience we believe we have the perfect solution to market and more importantly support this product beyond customer expectations. This really is a game changer for this industry.’

Mr Nicol also stated that DtF offers more flexibility with the transfers, noting that printed transfers from the system a shelf life of more than two years and so can be sent elsewhere to be applied at a later date, creating another potential revenue stream for the user.