Israeli fashion producer Motty Reif and Kornit Digital CEO Ronen Samuel opened Kornit 2023 Tel Aviv FAC Fashion Week with a gala event intended to highlight the importance of sustainability, diversity, equality and inclusion in fashion.

Initiated by entrepreneur and fashion producer Motty Reif, the twelfth edition of Kornit Tel Aviv FAC (Fashion Agenda Community) Fashion Week includes 27 fashion shows created by leading fashion designers alongside industry newcomers, many enabled by Kornit’s on-demand digital fashion and textile production technology. Two fashion shows were resented during the event, the first from Kornit Digital, modelled by various celebrities, and the second led by Eden Fines, presenting designs by fashion designer Alon Livne, illustrating a post-apocalyptic world.

Kornt CEO Roen Samuel said in his opening remarks, ‘The collaboration with Motty Reif and Tel Aviv Fashion Week is first and foremast based on our shared values of fashion as a powerful medium to express what we believe in – from transforming the restricted and exclusionary ideal of beauty in favor of diversity and inclusion, and the creation of sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry.

‘Fashion is the platform that we choose to promote ‘Tikkun Olam.’ It is the ultimate platform for self-expression where we proudly and boldly present who we are.’