Kornit Digital has announced its partnership with VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub, Zalando, and Unity.

Nine designers were challenged to create these fashion capsules in just eight weeks utilising the latest technology innovations from the three alliance partners – bringing together powerful digital product creation, web3-based design, digital printing, immersive circular design, 3D rendering and avatar development.

The challenge follows standing room only Kornit Fashion Week events across the globe, displaying how on-demand, digital production creates a fashion world of nearly endless creativity. Hosted at the Impact Hub Berlin, the VORN Academy Program offered creators access to a holistic technology toolset – including the advanced Kornit Presto MAX single-step solution for direct-to-fabric sustainable printing.

Some of the prominent designers taking part include costume and fashion designer Alexis Mersmann, Judith Bondy, AR and NFT artist Ann-Britt Dittmar, Berlin-based director Tanja Bombach, Nina Jurcic, Olga Boncheva, digital artist, and fashion designer Schirin Negahbani, Johann Erhardt, and Israeli designer Idan Yoav.

Omer Kulka, chief innovation officer at Kornit Digital, said, ‘This collaboration across four industry leaders is so unique because the result is a sum so much greater than each of its individual parts. It’s a true ‘alliance of the willing’ that opens doors to ‘phygital’ collections built at the intersection of digital fashion, 3D design, and on-demand production. We’re honoured to team with VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub, Zalando, and Unity during Berlin Fashion Week to demonstrate what’s possible as the physical and virtual fashion worlds come together.’