Wide format printer FaberExposize UK has purchased a Klieverik GTC101-3500 dye sublimation fixation calender.

The new dye sublimation machine will allow the company to increase its dye sub production and will speed up the in-house printing processes. This is the fourth major capital investment in the span of a year initiated by the management team after the company acquired the Avinci CX3200 dye sublimation printer, Jeti Tauro H3300 UV printer and Zünd G3 flatbed cutter.

Iain Clasper-Cotte, managing, director, has invested over £1 million into the Yorkshire region, restoring jobs that were historically produced in factories in Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands, increasing the region’s print production and creating more job opportunities for print enthusiasts and specialists in Leeds and beyond.

Mr Clasper-Cotte said, ‘Having two of the same machines means that we can proceed with our production even during the maintenance period of one of them. This is particularly important in industries such as exhibitions, events, sports and retail where having the capacity to offer just-in-time production is a dealbreaker.’