The Soyang Group has been appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Meevo sewing machines.

The range is immediately available through Soyang Europe and Josero and comprises the MX EVENT +SEAS (Silicone Edge Automated Stitching), SM OPTIMA +SEAS, and the SM VERSATILE +SEAS.

The MX EVENT +SEAS is a fully automatic sewing machine, sewing SEG Keder to large-format fabric panels with perfect alignment, giving a quality finish to extra-long panels. The additional extension table allows for easier handling of heavy and oversized display textiles, improving productivity.

The SM VERSATILE +SEAS is designed for businesses which need varied sewing solutions including SEG Keder, reinforcement tapes, open hems and velcro applications. A compact, multifunction machine, the SM VERSATILE, saves businesses time and floor space.

SEAS universal kit is a set of accessories that transform standard sewing machines into high-productivity SEG Keder sewing machines, ideal for businesses moving into SEG Keder production.

Jorge Nogueira, CEO at Meevo, said, ‘In addition to equipment, Soyang/Josero has a long tradition of distributing consumables and raw material, and that’s also perfect for a distributor of our Meevo BTS KEDER that we believe is the best SEG Keder in the market – ‘Better Than Silicone’. We also listened to the market and learned from some important printing companies in UK that Soyang/Josero is highly respected by its customers.’