On-demand printer Printful has added 3D product models for ecommerce stores integrated with Shopify – making the company the first print-on-demand service to provide an augmented reality feature to its customers.

Shopify’s 3D product model feature helps merchants create more immersive shopping experiences, and, according to Shopify’s data, adding 3D models to product catalogues has increased their merchants’ online sales by up to 250%.

Niks Evalds, head of product at Printful, said, ‘The 3D product model feature offers a full 360 view of the product in a set environment so buyers can get a better idea of how products will look in real life, for example, a mug can be placed on a table. Letting customers visualise products in a real-life setting helps shoppers picture the items’ sizes and design details.’

Even though this new feature is currently only available for stores integrated with Shopify, Printful is planning to offer AR solutions to merchants across other platforms once similar features become available.

Printful is the first unicorn company (valued at over $1 billion) with Latvian roots and in 2021 the company hit a revenue milestone of $289M. Since its founding in 2013, the company has delivered more than 50 million items and has scaled to a team of 1700 people.