Embroidery business Wizzprint.com has invested in a VersaStudio BN-20 print-and-cut desktop printer after attending a garment decorating course at Roland DG.

The Oxfordshire-based family business, with owner Mark Robson running production and his wife Chloe taking charge of the creative elements, creates business cards, flyers, banners and various types of signage.

Mr Robson said, ‘As a small business, we needed a printer with a small footprint, alongside high print quality. The BN-20 is a reliable workhorse and produces exceptional output from its specified printhead. It is desktop-sized for like-minded entrepreneurs to accommodate in almost any room. You can turn out a quick and professional finish, in high or low volume.’

The machine’s integrated printing and contour cutting function also creates personalised T-shirt graphics, poster prints, stickers, and decals.

Mr Robson added. ‘The BN-20 is the perfect business launching device at an affordable price, but as the business grows, finding good printing partners is essential, and when you do, you tend to stick within them, and they with you, which is why Roland DG’s upgrades and additions are on the cards.’