Hatteras, an American print service provider based in Plymouth, Michigan, has installed an HP Latex R2000. 

The company, which provides a range of services including wide-format, commercial and offset printing, invested in the R2000 largely because of its ability to print onto such a wide variety of materials and plans to use its new machine to produce applications including banners and outdoor displays, floor and wall graphics, signage, life-size cutting and more.

The company issued a statement which said the new printer, ‘allows us to print on virtually any material, from rigid to flexible. The colors are amazing and the white ink is the densest and glossiest available. White ink allows us the ability to retain color fidelity on materials that aren’t white. 

‘The flexible latex ink in the R2000 provides amazing color fidelity, superior adhesion, and outstanding scratch resistance. The flexible nature of the ink allows for printing that wraps around corners without cracking or flaking. Best of all it can do all this with UL ECOLOGO certified water-based inks that produce odorless prints. 

‘The speed and productivity of the R2000 are unlike anything else we’ve had available. We’re printing twenty-eight full-size 4 x 8in rigid boards per hour.’

HP Latex’s R Series was initially introduced in 2018, then updated in 2020. Intended to ‘bring vibrant colours into the rigid printing world,’ it also includes HP’s White Latex Ink, ‘a glossy, high-quality ‘true white’ that doesn’t yellow over time like traditional UV-based white ink.’ The 2020 upgrade includes the 2.5m R2000 Plus and 1.6m R1000 Plus, both of which offer roll-or sheet-feeding with 5- and 3l capacity ink cartridges respectively, both including white.