Format Graphics, a Milton Keynes-based company specialising in wide-format printing, has installed an Agfa Avinci CX3200 dye sublimation printer in order to meet growing demand for its soft signage services.

Founded in 2021, Format Graphics regularly produces work for for head office refits and museums, but the company’s core customer base is made up of exhibition companies and design agencies. It installed the Avinci CX3200 roll-to-roll printer, which runs at speeds up to 270sqm/hr and can print both directly to textiles and to transfer paper, toward the end of 2021.

Managing director Baz Ogle explained, ‘We purchased a Mimaki JV5 printer six years ago when we first started fabric printing, it always produced quality results, but it’s now old technology and too slow for our current demand. We looked at three machines as potential replacements and sent them all test files to assess the quality of print and the results of the Agfa Avinci CX3200 dye sublimation printer was undoubtedly the best, even though it only offers four colours.

‘The installation took two days and by day three we were printing live jobs as part of the training. It now takes us less than a day to print the same volume it used to take us a week to produce. The speed, quality and colours are excellent. We kept the old machine as a back-up, but we’ve had no need to use it in the past 5 months. We’ve not had to call out anyone from Agfa since installation and there has been no down time. It’s churning through work quickly and it hasn’t missed a nozzle on the print heads at all.’

Fabric printing now accounts for around 20% of Format Graphics’ £2 million turnover, so the new engine has been busy printing soft signage. However Mr Ogle says he is keen to explore new products and explore new markets when time allows.