Artworks Solutions has used materials from CMYUK to refurbish the Dublin headquarters of Paddy Power’s parent company, Flutter.

The company opted for ‘high spec eco wallcoverings and backlit materials’ from CMYUK to carry out an extensive remodelling and refurbishment at the site in the Irish capital. The project involved a ‘significant amount of demolition and reconstruction’ given that the office complex itself was first built in 1999 and Flutter wanted to transform it into a contemporary and collaborative working space.

Artworks Solutions, a turnkey supplier and partner to the design and construction industry, worked alongside Claremont Group Interiors to deliver the project. The companies produced a variety of graphics for key walls and lightboxes situated in communal areas throughout the seven storey, 164,000sqft building.

Seath Herbert, Artwork Solutions managing director, explained, ‘The client wanted a distinct ‘Flutter feel’ to its Dublin HQ. It wanted a concept that could be used across its worldwide offices to create an unmistakable and compelling Flutter environment.’

Artworks Solutions digitally printed graphics for over 40 walls across all seven storeys of the building. Due to the large amount of print required, it was very keen to use products with an environmental edge and eventually opted for Kavalan Gecko 320GB and UFabrik Backlit Textile ECO FR, both exclusive to CMYUK. 

Kavalan Geko 320GB is a PVC-free, recyclable polyester-based textile and is an excellent sustainable alternative for single piece wallcoverings and display systems. Meanwhile UFabrik Backlit Textile ECO is a backlit textile produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste. 

Mr Herbert concluded, ‘In the past we’ve found inconsistencies and instability in eco products, they just didn’t seem to have had enough market testing. We’ve never had any production issues with the materials we specified for this project, and the installers like working with these too. It was the right time to put these products in front of this client. These products tick all the boxes for sustainability, performance integrity, and price point.’