KGK Genix, the creative design agency with offices in Central London, Hertfordshire and Essex, has purchased an EFI Vutek h5 via CMYUK. The 3.2m hybrid UV LED machine, which is the tenth Vurek that KGK has installed, has been installed in the company’s site in Thundridge, Hertfordshire. 

KGK has been working with EFI and CMYUK for more than two decades, as managing director Graham Pitts explained, ”They know us, we know them. Our relationship with Jon Price (CMYUK group finance and operations director) and Robin East (CMYUK group commercial business director) goes back even before CMYUK. We bought our very first printer from Jon twenty-five years ago.

‘Buying the h5 was a natural choice for us. We’re so familiar with the Vutek family it made sense for us to stick with what we know. That said, we researched the market  because you have to be aware of other technology out there, but we didn’t see anything that was close to the quality and production speeds that the h5 can produce.’

The h5 has replaced two EFI Vutek GS3250 Pro printers and KGK will use it to produce its signature high quality retail work. Of particular importance was to install a printer that could increase output quality whilst maintaining production speeds. Mr Pitts continued, ‘We didn’t buy the h5 to increase volume, we purchased it to run at higher quality and not lose any speed in doing so. We’ll see our clients benefitting from the best quality that the h5 can produce – 1200 dpi but running at equivalent speeds of our old machines that were printing 600 dpi.’

The outgoing Vutek GS3250 Pro printers, despite being ten and six -years old respectively, are still very much working machines. The older of the two has been purchased by a Polish print shop, while the younger has been moved to another KGK production facility in Harlow.

CMYUK’s Mr East added, ‘We have a very special relationship with the Pitts family that spans two decades. As well as long-standing customers they are friends to both Jon and I, and we are very grateful for the significant business they have given us over the years. When you walk around their extremely impressive facilities, it’s gratifying to have been part of their successful journey.’