Imageco has deployed a backlit textile produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste to decorate the interior of a Thai restaurant in Leeds. The company, also based in Leeds, printed a 5 x 2.5m single piece of CMYUK’s UFabrik Backlit Eco, depicting daily life in the Thai capital Bangkok, using its EFI Vutek GS 3250 LX Pro printer.

The wall covering dominates the interior of Zaap, which recently opened in Headingley and was produced in such a way that it switches between day and night, providing a ‘separate distinctive ambience’ for day and evening service at the restaurant.

The effect was achieved by have a full colour day image and a full colour night image digitally output and sandwiched together in a lightbox with a printed white layer between them. Only the daytime scene can be seen when the lightbox is off, but once turned on, the scene transforms into a nightscape featuring a ‘bright moon, twinkling stars and illuminated city lights.’ 

‘UFabrik Eco Backlit is one of my favourite materials because not only is it made from recycled plastic bottles but the image quality is absolutely stunning,’ said Imageco managing director Nathan Swinson-Bullough.

UFabrik Eco textiles are made using recycled PET yarn produced from single use plastic waste. The product is described as ‘perfect for backlit, frontlit, and blockout applications as well as single piece wallcoverings up to 5m wide, and staple wrap around frames.’