Global Graphics Software has been granted a US patent for ‘Systems and methods for printer density compensation and stability,’ related to the technology which underlines the company’s PrintFlat software.

PrintFlat improves uniformity and removes unwanted banding from inkjet output, enabling digital production of a wide range of products including wide format graphics, flooring and décor, laminates, and packaging.

The software masks the banding or unwanted patterning in inkjet printing that is caused by variations in inkjet printheads. It also compensates for manufacturing differences between new printheads. 

Global Graphics says that PrintFlat is quick to deploy, cost-effective and can be added to any inkjet press already out in the field. The company adds that problems can be particularly acute in large format printing as well as décor applications such as wallpaper and flooring and certain colours are more susceptible to visual imperfection than others. The advantage to print service providers is that they can print more jobs digitally than previously and offer a wider range of printed products to their customers.

Mike Rottenborn, CEO of Hybrid Software Group, explained, ‘We are delighted that this invention has been recognised with a US patent. It is a truly innovative solution which enables inkjet press manufacturers to obtain uniformity and stability without sacrificing one over the other, giving them greater freedom in how they design and optimise their printing systems. Its value has been proven in production by our customers for nearly five years, and we believe that this patent will encourage other inkjet manufacturers to implement PrintFlat in their solutions.’

Global Graphics, which has developed software including Harlequin RIP, the Direct range, and ScreenPro, is part of the Hybrid Software Group of companies.